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Now there is no need to second guess your probiotics choice. CaniOtic™ provides two powerful solutions into on simple system.


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CaniOtic is the only product on the market that features real cultured Canine L. rueteri bacteria as its featured technology. The results are impressive and unparalleled. Due to high demand from kennels, breeders and multiple dog owners we have developed a system that features up to 50 doses per bottle and lowers the cost. This is the perfect system for optimum gastrointestinal track health for your dogs! To learn more about CaniOtic call 1-866-859-9242

The CaniOtic Kennel System consists of a “Starter Kit” and then packets for refilling the bottle. One batch has a potent life span of 14 days and it’s super easy to use!

Real Cultured Canine Immunoprobiotic bulk system for Kennels and/or dog owners with over 3 dogs.

Why This is So Special!



  • 1 billion CFU’s minimum with every pump!

  • One mixed packet is good for 14 days!

  • CaniOtic is the ONLY canine cultured, DNA typed bacteria immunoprobiotic in the world.

  • Only CaniOtic uses real Canine L. rueteri

2 Pumps = Small Dogs up to 20 lbs.

4 Pumps = Dogs 20 lbs. to 60 lbs.

6 Pumps = Dogs 60 lbs. and Larger

Starter Kit, #CKS-1

Bottle with pump, laminated label for recording data. Two 100 dose packets.

Refill Kit, #CKR-1

Two 100 dose packets



Empty packet contents into a bottle


Shake for 30 seconds


Store in refrigerator


Fill with water to the red line (100ml). Tap water is OK.


Look at chart on bottle label to determine dosage for your dogs.


Pump appropriate number of strokes on to dogs food.

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