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Now there is no need to second guess your probiotics choice. CaniOtic™ provides two powerful solutions into on simple system.


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Why CaniOticTM?

LIVE Canine Cultured Bacteria (Canine Lactobacillus reuteri)

  • Natural Enemy of Salmonella, Rota-Virus, Clostridium and
    other Pathogens.
  • Modulates GI Immune Response.
  • Normalizes Intestinal Flora, pH and Acidity.


The stomach friendly Canine Origin Lactobacillus reuteri enters the GI tract. It multiplies and attaches to the cells of the mucosal surface of the intestine. This relationship creates a protective barrier that prevents salmonella and other pathogens from attaching. The Canine Lactobacillus reuteri secretes reuterin which is nature's own powerful anti-microbial killing bad bacteria and pathogens. In addition, Lactobacillus reuteri interacts with the receptors of the mucosa's dendritic cells, enhancing the dog's immune system, leading to a healthier GI tract.

Caniotic also contains billions of Colony Forming units of Saccharomyces boulardii to act as an added vehicle to bind toxins that need to be eliminated from your dog's body. The result? Better GI health for your dog! Try Caniotic today for a happy dog with a healthy GI tract. Caniotic...From the Dog, For the Dog. Ask your veterinarian for yours today!

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